About Suches, Georgia

"Valley Above The Clouds"

The Toccoa River
Suches ~ An unincorporated area in Union County in the Georgia mountains, about 2 hours north of Atlanta. With an altitude of around 3,000 ft. we are blessed with clean mountain air and cool temperatures, typically 5 to 10 degrees lower than Atlanta. We do get an abundance of rain in the summer and some snow in the winter. During fall, the leaves present a dazzling display of colors, orange, red, bronze, yellow and everything in between. In the summer there is a nice breeze during the day and cool nights.

History ~ The area was settled by hardy people that were self sufficient. In the early days before GA Hwy. 60, it took 2 days to get farm products to market in Gainesville by horse and wagon. Things are different now of course, but it is still a 15 mile drive to Dahlonega to any major stores and banks.  

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